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Supporting Children with Medical
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Individual healthcare plan and administering medicines

Individual healthcare plan (IHP)

Good communication between parents/carers and schools is essential when a child has an acute or chronic medical condition. An individual health care plan is central to establishing a good understanding of the individual needs of a child living with medical needs.

What is an Individual healthcare plan?

An individual health care plan is a document that records important information about the medical condition, symptoms, and the support a child needs to ensure they can make the most of school.

It lists medication requirements and any side effects, what to do in an emergency and who is involved in the medical care of the child.

The plan can also include adjustments and alternative arrangements that need to be made so that a child can participate as fully as possible in school life, e.g. arrangements for PE or what to consider when going on a school trip.

Why is an individual healthcare plan important?

The individual health care plan is all about making sure a child gets the very best out of school.

Parents/carers, medical professionals and schools working together will be more effective at drawing up a plan that takes account of the child’s specific needs and finds solutions to any barriers preventing them from fully engaging in school life.

DfE templates for individual healthcare plan and administering medicine

Administering medicine

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