Transition to adult care


These videos were made by our pupils to help fellow respiratory patients in their transition from paediatrics to adult care.


  • We have seen a significant increase in the number of our regular respiratory patients transfer from paediatric care on Rose Ward, to adult care on Foulis Ward.
  • Transferring your care to a different set of professionals albeit within the same trust is a very significant change for any patient, especially young adults.
  • Consulting this group about how best to manage this change they suggested using video as a means of introducing new patients to Foulis Ward, and who better to make this video than our own pupils.
  • These videos are shown to all new patients during transition clinics to introduce them to the environment and the new professionals who will work with them during their admissions to Foulis Ward.
  • Our pupils will introduce you to our Cystic Fibrosis team, give you a tour of the Foulis Ward ward and show you our facilities and services.

We hope these videos will answer some of your questions, and please do not hesitate to send us your comments.