Tuberculosis - help at school

Missing School

  • If I am seriously ill with TB I may need to spend some time in hospital until it is clear that the medication is starting to work.
  • If this happens it is very likely that I will have been feeling ill for sometime, even to the point of missing school.
  • I may need help catching up with work that I have missed.
  • Please liaise promptly with the hospital school or unit staff when they contact, you as this makes a big difference to me especially around exam time.


  • Medication for Tuberculosis consists of a long course of antibiotics which takes at least sixth months.
  • It is really important that I take all the medicine even if I am starting to feel better.
  • I will usually take my medicine before and after school.
  • I may need help taking the medication at any point during my treatment and this can take the form of directly observed treatment (DOT) which is a way of helping me during treatment.
  • Instead of being sent home with my tablets I might visit the local hospital  or a nurse might come to my home.
  • This means I have someone to chat to, and they can help me take my treatment correctly.
  • The TB team will try and help me do this at a time that does not interfere with my school work.


  • One of the the main things I may worry about is being teased or even bullied if people know I have TB.
  • Most people do not know the real facts about TB and they may think it can be caught easily from sitting next to me or sharing a pen or ruler.
  • It would be good if people at school understood the facts about this disease.
  • Perhaps all schools could look at this sort of thing in PSHE as part of the general programme not when someone is diagnosed as this would only draw attention to them.
  • It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.