Help at school

Sickle cell anaemia

It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.


Fluid intake and temperature

  • I need to drink lots of fluids and will need my water bottle near me at all times.
  • I might need to use the toilet more often than pupils, so please let me do so discretely.
  • Changes in temperature can trigger a crisis so I might need to stay in at break and lunch times and wear warm clothing, even in class.

Physical Education

  • I can get very tired and might need time out, or use of the school lift, if there are lots of stairs.
  • I need to set my own pace during PE lessons.
  • If the outdoor session takes place on a cold day then provide an alternative PE activity.
  • I need to take extra care following swimming and need to get properly dry and then dress warmly.

If I am off school sick

  • If I am off school sick then please ask my friends to pass on any information or school work to me.
  • If I am off for more than 2 days then email, post or ask my sibling to take home school work for me.
  • I may be too sick to do it immediately but I can catch up when I feel a bit better.
  • It is very difficult going back to school and not knowing what everyone else is doing.
  • When I am so sick that I need to be in hospital, then please contact the hospital school teachers with details about my work.
  • Ask my parents / carers to give you key names and contact numbers for people who help me manage my Sickle Cell Disease.

School Trips

  • Consideration needs to be given to allow more frequent toilet stops.
  • For residential trips sensitive consultation should be undertaken in case of bed wetting.
  • Find the location of the nearest Accident and Emergency department.
  • Get information and permission for the administration of medication in case I have an acute crisis.