Help at school

OCD - Obsessive–compulsive disorder

It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.


  • Please make time to listen to me if I pluck up the courage to speak to you about my fears and anxiety.
  • Do not say 'snap out of it' or 'you could stop if you really tried'!
  • Please recognise that this is a serious mental health condition.
  • Take some time to read about what OCD really is rather than think it is simply about repeating actions.
  • My symptoms may escalate during stressful times such as revision and exam time.
  • Changing schools or going onto college or university may also cause an acute episode. 
  • Please be accommodating of any appointments I may have with my CBT therapist.
  • Please support me to carry out any prescribed treatments even if this means making changes to my normal school routine.
  • Please make sure the exams officer applies for special consideration in public exams if my GP or therapists recommends this.