Help at school

Kidney conditions

It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell



  • I need to take anti-rejection drugs to suppress my immune system and to prevent my kidney being rejected.
  • These medicines reduce my ability to fight infection.

Infectious diseases

  • Please inform my parents / carers if there is an outbreak of an Infectious disease at school as these can be much more serious for me as an immuno-suppressed child.
  • Measles and chickenpox are particularly serious and can have life threatening complications.
  • Outbreaks of diarrhoea and vomiting are also important to know about because of the risk of dehydration


  • I may be worried about any changes in my appearance which are due to the side effects of my medicines.
  • Please look out for teasing or bullying. The transplant office at the hospital can also help to address these problems.
  • Please check if I want my school friends to know about my illness or if I wish the details to remain confidential.

Food and drink 

  • It is vital that I have a good intake of fluid throughout the day to avoid dehydration which can lead to problems with my transplant.
  • I have a minimum fluid target to reach each day so please encourage me to have a drink at break and at meal times.
  • In hot summer weather my fluid intake will need to be higher than usual. Access to toileI need to empty my bladder regularly to prevent infection occurring with my transplant.
  • If I require emptying my bladder by catheterization the hospital will be in touch to discuss my individual needs before I return to school. 

Sport, PE and activities 

  • I should be able to take part in all the normal activities which my peers enjoy.
  • As my transplanted kidney is located close to the surface of the abdomen it is at risk of damage during contact sport such as football or rounders.
  • I should wear a kidney protector during contact sporting activities, however it does not need to be worn at all times.

Sun protection

  • I am at a much increased risk of skin cancer if over exposed to the sun.
  • Please encourage me to wear a sun hats and to use sun block.