Help at school


It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.

Moisturising creams

  • I need to use creams to keep my skin moisturised.
  • If I do not keep my skin moisturised I will feel very itchy and this will not only make my ezcema worse it will cause me to become distracted as the itching will be so bad I will not be able to concentrate.
  • Please let me do this during the school day when I ask.
  • If I can go to the medical room or some other private place that would be helpful.
  • I will need to wash my hands before applying my cream. 


  • If I get too hot and sweaty my ezcema can flare up.
  • Please allow me to sit away from the radiators in the classroom, or on a hot day let me sit in a well ventilated place in the classroom.

How to help me stop the itching

  • If  my eczema becomes infected I may need medication.
  • It may be necessary to take this during the school day so please make arrangements for me to do this.
  • If the itching from ezcema is so bad I may not sleep at night.
  • Please talk to me if I appear sleepy or distracted and help me organise myself so I can try and keep up with my schoolwork.  


  • Help the class understand what Eczema is and is not.
  • It is not caused by poor hygeine, it is not contagious.
  • Eczema is very irritating and if I do not take care it can become very serious and I may need to go to hospital.