Crohn's disease - help at school

Personal care

  • I may need to use the bathroom frequently and with little notice.
  • Please let staff know this so I can leave without asking permission which can take time.
  • Arrange for supply staff to accept a school note that allows me to use the bathroom promptly without them asking me why.

Change of clothes

  • Let me leave a change of clothes in an accessible place like the medical room.

Energy levels

  • My energy levels will be low at times making subjects like PE difficult.
  • Please let me set my own pace and listen to me when I say I need a break.

Social interaction

  • Even though I look OK I may not be feeling OK.
  • Socially my medical condition can be difficult to manage.
  • Even though I would really like to join in and do things  I may be too frightened to do so for fear of having an accident.
  • This can leave me isolated which can get me down.

Absence from school

  • I may have recurrent admissions to hospital and this means I could loose touch with my friends as well as fall behind with work.
  • Please keep in touch with me.
  • Liaise with the hospital school or service so I can keep up with work.
  • This is the best way of making sure I do not get too far behind.

Keeping in touch

  • Remember to keep me informed of school events.
  • If I am in hospital or recovering at home please post or email me the information.
  • It can be really difficult going back after an absence and not knowing what is going on.

It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.