Help at school

Autistic spectrum disorder

It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who I can talk to if I am worried or unwell.



  • Recognise when I am overloaded.
  • I may cover my ears, pace the floor, become restless and try to move away from you.
  • Try using a calm voice and reassurance to help me calm down.
  • I may like music or space and time to be on my own.

Interest me

  • Understand that I may find it very difficult to learn about things I am not interested in.
  • Please try and find something I am interested in as a possible way into a new topic.

Think before you speak

  • I may take all that you say literally so please think about the words and phrases that you use and check out my perceptions of what is being asked.


  • I may only be able to look or listen, but not do both together!
  • If I am not looking at you it does not mean I am not listening.
  • Check by asking me.


  • Give me time to acclimatise to change.
  • I am not very good at sudden changes.
  • It can make me very anxious.