Help at school


It makes a huge difference for me to know that there is an adult at my school who knows all about my condition and who i can talk to if I am worried or unwell.

Allergy management plan
It is really important for me and my family to know that I have a written allergy management plan. This should be drawn up with help from the medical team looking after me, my family and the school. This means there is clear information available at school so that the school staff can help me make the most of school, and help me should I have an emergency situation.

Emergency medication
My emergency medication should be available at all times. There should always be someone who has been trained available to administer my medication if I have a severe reaction.

Listen to me

  • I will probably know if I am having a reaction, as things start happening to my body that warn me.
  • Please listen to me and take seriously what I say to you.
  • Do not ask me to wait and see how I feel later on.
  • Act quickly and call for help if you do not know what to do to take care of me.

School trips

  • Like everyone else I really want to be included on outings and trips.For me to be safe it just takes a little bit of extra planning.
  • I will need to bring my emergency plan and my medication.
  • It is important that school staff know where the nearest hospital is.
  • When the school staff make a risk assessment please take account of my specific needs and get the relevant information that will help me take part in the trip safely.

Be flexible

  • Be flexible in your plans so that I can participate as fully as possible.
  • Most of the time I will be able to do what my classmates do, but in some lessons like Food Technology, I will need changes to some of the activities.
  • Maybe these changes will work for the whole class, and that way I will not feel left out.
  • Sometimes the materials used in Art or DT may cause a problem for me.
  • If they do please find an alternative so I can take part like everyone else.