What to do if a child has a sickle-cell crisis at school

Sickle cell anaemia
Pain is the main symptom of a sickle-cell crisis.


How to look after me

  • Reassure me and give me plenty of fluids, and let me keep warm and rest.
  • Give me pain relief as indicated on my healthcare plan.
  • In all cases contact my parent or carer.
  • If I have pain in the hips, legs, arms or back then give pain relief, but if there is no improvement after an hour then contact my parent / carer.

What to do if things get worse

  • If I have a fever of 38 degrees then contact my parent / carer.
  • If I have sudden, severe and constant headaches, then call for an ambulance.
  • If I am having difficulty breathing then call for an ambulance.
  • If I have severe pain in the chest or abdomen then call for an ambulance.