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Spring 2018

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List of alternative education establishments

List of alternative education establishments

I'm looking to find a list of alternative education establishments more suited to my daughter's needs. She has recently received a diagnosis of Autism, and even with support is very unhappy in mainstream school. 

The simple answer is that there is not a list of alternative education establishments. Your local authority website should have details of all maintained schools in your area, mainstream and special schools and units. Some specialist units will be based in mainstream school. You may have done this already but we would suggest that you talk to the SENCo at your daughter’s school to see if adjustments can be made. There has been a growing demand for specialist provision for children diagnosed with Autistic spectrum disorders some schools now refer to themselves as serving children with complex needs. There are some independents schools such as those run by the National Autistic Society. In most cases your daughter would need an Education Health and Care Plan to be considered for specialist schools/provision.
You may find these links useful.

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Protractor with handle or grip to make it easier to use

Protractor with handle or grip to make it easier to use

I am a teaching assistant at a secondary school. We have a student with cystic fibrosis who finds it difficult to use maths equipment and I am looking for a protractor I can buy that has a handle or grip to make it easier for her to use. I can only find large teachers' board protractors with handles online. Do you know of anywhere I could buy a student's maths protractor with a handle?

I've asked our staff team and here's a couple of suggestions:

  • I saw two 360 protractors with little handles. One made by Oxford and the other by Helix.
  • I'd suggest them making one if they can't buy one. Buy a small cheap handle from B&Q and hot glue gun it on.

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Concerns about fibromyalgia disgnosis

Concerns about fibromyalgia disgnosis

My daughter became ill at the beginning of this year and has been given a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. She is in year 10 and has missed so much school and I am worried about her education and the lack of it due to her condition.

This must be very worrying for you all, Year 10 is an important year. If possible we would suggest in the the first instance you talk to the school SENCo about your concerns and see what the school can offer by way of support. If she is missing school for extended periods, 3 weeks or more, then she is entitled to home tuition.
Check this link for more information: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/education-for-children-with-health-needs-who-cannot-attend-school
However the home school is responsible for ensuring that she is supported to access as much education as she can despite her medical condition.

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Well at School

RT @mariamarinho6: Help us all find out how to better promote mental health in schools twitter.com/educationgovuk…

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